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High-class Medicine in German Hospitals

Of course medical treatment in Germany is not only in the hands of hospitals. But hospital treatment is the focus of this website. And there are over 2000 hospitals in Germany.

  • Small country hospitals
  • wide-range maximum care facilities
  • central urban community hospitals
  • specialized private clinics
  • university research and teaching hospitals
  • modern technology clinics or cozy family hospitals

Beyond all these differences, they have in common:

  • strict government supervision regarding hygene, safety, quality and prices
  • strictly regulated training for all hospital professionals - physicians, nurses, therapists
  • a funding system with government-defined prices and incentives for treating international patients
  • sufficient treatment capacities - waiting lists are no issue

All this can be at your service, and German Hospital Service is the qualified partner to assist you in finding the best of these hospitals with their medical specialists for your health. Visit our main website, provide us with the necessary information about your medical problem and we will be your personal advisor.

Or switch to our picture book of German Hospitals, just to have a look at the variety of styles and buildings.

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